Talk to Someone If I Have a Problem

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Safe Schools Anonymous Reporting

Welcome to our SafeSchools Alert Tip Reporting System. This system allows you to quickly, easily, and anonymously report safety concerns to school officials 24/7/365. Help us create a safer learning environment - to submit a tip, click the link and get started

Protocols for Solving Problems

A big part of solving any problem is talking to the right person

We work to address problems as close to the origin as possible. There are protocols for communicating and handling issues or concerns prior to requesting to visit with the Superintendent, or School Board for that matter.

Teacher/Coach > Principal > Superintendent > Board

It's important to start the conversation at the point of origin. Make an appointment to visit with the teacher/coach to discuss the situation. If you can't find a solution after this first conversation, you need to involve the buidling administrator/atheltic director. 

If you feel that the process has broken down or wasn't entirely resolved by the first steps, you can request to speak to the Superintendent. Once you have spoken to the building administrator, you email Pam Teeter at the central office and request an appointment. She will work with you from there. 

If you have an issue or concern to discuss that doesn't involve specific people or schools, email Pam Teeter to arrange a conversation with the Superintendent.

In any case, speaking with the full Board of Trustees happens after you have visited with the Superintendent. Getting on the School Board's monthly agenda follows this same type of protocol.

Pam Teeter > Superintendent > Board meeting.

We always hope that early conversations with the right folks in the right setting brings resolution, but sometimes it takes more conversation to fully resolve concerns. And sometimes you may not agree with the decisions. School district employees make decisions based on district policies, safety, and state and federal laws. Situations are handled on a case by case basis and we strive to find positive resolutions.