Cassia 411 Podcast

  • Talking about Why We Have Earlier Out Mondays

    by Debbie Critchfield Length: 9:46

    We have had them for years and we have more 12:30 early outs this year. We ask assistant Superintendent, Sandra Miller about the whys and expected outcomes. 

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  • Randy Winns talks Player and Parent Sportsmanship

    by Debbie Critchfield Length: 13:26

    Although new to Burley High School and school athletics, Mr. Winn has a perspective as a referee and sports enthusiast. We humbly offer some suggestions about how to show support and passion while balancing sportsmanship. As a little bonus at the end, we talk about college athletes and their ability to be sponsored. 

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  • Vicki Hope Talks Transportation

    by Debbie Critchfield Length: 20:01

    District transportation director, Vicki Hope, shares her experience and expertise on transporting students to school, field trips, athletic events and beyond. Learn a little about how it works and what they are looking for right now.

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  • Andrew Wray Talks Developing Student Leaders

    by Debbie Critchfield Length: 13:23

    Student leaders need to be cultivated and mentored. Engaged students need some prodding and Mr. Wray gives some insights with his perspective of having worked with students. Good information whether you are the student, the mentor or the educator.

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  • Dr. Shank presents the State of the District Address

    by Debbie Critchfield Length: 44:34

    This was recorded as he presented it, so being think "live performance" when it's a bit echo-ey (is that a word?) It's LONG, but comprehensive! Grab a snack and get comfy or take a long drive!

    We have the slides loaded on our website. Look under the Academic Tab. We hope this generates more conversation and discussion and if/when you have questions, let us know! Call the central office 208-878-6600 or email webmaster@cassiaschools.org.

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