Cassia 411 Podcast

  • Mrs. Babbitt and Mrs. Cranney Talk Student Service Learning

    by Debbie Critchfield Length: 21:59

    Service Learning is a great way to engage students in community needs while teaching important values. Not only does it benefit the targeted beneficiary, it's a way to help students develop confidence in themselves and work with others. Mrs. Babbitt, Oakley 6th grade teacher, and school counselor, Mrs. Cranney, share one classroom's experience with this very thing. 

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  • Misty Peterson Talks Special Ed and Special Projects

    by Debbie Crithchfield Length: 12:02

    Misty Peterson is the special edcuation teacher at Dworshak Elementary. She is always looking for more ways to support her students in their learning. She discusses her latest project and shares tips of how to support student learning.

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  • Mr. Carl Voigt Talks Sportsmanship

    by Debbie Crithchfield Length: 18:37

    Mr Voigt talks about his experience over the years with sportsmanship and how spectactors can actively participate in the game without being a distration to the game. 

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  • Miranda Walker Talks Speech and Language Needs and Supports for Children

    by Debbie Crithchfield Length: 21:05

    Speech and Language acquitsion and expression are two very critcial pieces to overall success for students AND adults. Miranda Walker, licensed Speech/Language pathologist talks about how to recognize needs in young students and how to access help from the district. 

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  • Mr. Richins Talks Tech Center and New High School Schedules

    by Debbie Critchfield Length: 19:20

    The Tech Center has been a focal point in the district high school discussion. Mr. Richins talks about how tech programs will fit into students schedules. Spoiler alert: they do!

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