Locking Hands


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Photo of Federal Programs Director Kim Bedke with  Employee of the Month, Elisa Rodriguez

Federal Programs Employee of the Month: Elisa Rodriguez

Photo of White Pine  employees of the month

White Pine Employees of the Month: Certified-Linda Hosteen: Classified-Debra Fenton

Photo of ABM Director Susan Teeter with Employees of the month, Eduardo Rodriguez and Ana Marin

ABM Employees of the Month: Ana Marin; Eddie Rodriguez

Image of Principal Wes Nyblade with Jamie Brower and Sally Hall

Dworshak Employees of the Month: Certified-Sally Hall Classified:-Jamie Brower

Image of Principal Tom Coxson with Sadie Chaffin and Natalie Buck

Mountain View Employees of the Month: Certified-Natalie Buck Classified-Sadie Chaffin

image of Principal Kit Kanekoa with Chad Evans

CRTC Employee of the Month: Chad Evans