Cassia 411 Podcast

  • Dr. Shank presents the State of the District Address

    by Debbie Critchfield Length: 44:34

    This was recorded as he presented it, so being think "live performance" when it's a bit echo-ey (is that a word?) It's LONG, but comprehensive! Grab a snack and get comfy or take a long drive!

    We have the slides loaded on our website. Look under the Academic Tab. We hope this generates more conversation and discussion and if/when you have questions, let us know! Call the central office 208-878-6600 or email webmaster@cassiaschools.org.

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  • Debbie C talks about Resolving Issues and Problems

    by Debbie Critchfield Length: 11:03

    Taking care of problems is an important part of making school a good place to be for students and families. Learn the adopted procedure for probelm resolution. 

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  • Laurie Stimpson, District Nurse, Talks Staying Healthy and the Flu Shot

    by Debbie Critchfield Length: 13:29

    That was a long title, but that's it in a nut shell! Remind yourself about healthy habits and how Idaho laws impact immunizations.

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  • Gail Gallegos talks Safety in the District

    by Debbie Critchfield Length: 13:18

    We have a strategic safety plan, inspite of the fact that two people can't say it well at first! Listen to actions, plans and goals for this important effort. The podcast tells you to look under the Community tab for parent information, but it's really under the Safety tab.

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  • Mrs. Carrie Carson talks about PLCs for Science Classes

    by Debbie Critchfield Length: 11:55

    Professional Learning Communities are THE THING for Cassia teachers and students, designed to move achievment and enhance growth. How does it work for teachers and why are they getting behind it, you ask?! We sit down with a variety of teachers, in a variety subjects for an explanation of why they believe it will drive results in the classroom and increase their professional abilities.

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