How our Students are Performing


Students test in English Language Arts once a year on the state ISAT (Idaho Standards Achievement Test). View test scores here. Percentages show the number of proficient students for ELA standards. State scores are below district scores. Click the arrows to enlarge.

2018 Cassia Math ISAT Scores


2018 Cassia ELA (English Language Arts) ISAT Scores

ISAT ela

2018 Cassia Schools Data Review

Click the School by School Report link and check it out!

If you are interested in knowing just about anything that's a reportable item about our district and a particular school, you will love this!

Loaded with charts and graphs and percentages you can see where your school fairs when it comes to test scores, proficiency and demographics.

It's a super interesting read. It's about 100 pages long, BUT, you should still check it out. The title page will tell where to look for the school(s) you are interested in. Really, it's a great document. 

School by School Report