Community Relations

Cassia County School District wants Parents, Employees, School Volunteers and the Community, as a whole, to support public education through the positive information and reputation received by good communication.

We seek to reinforce the decision that you made to place your child in our schools through transparency, consistency and honesty. Input and opinions of our patrons is a meaningful part of the communication process.

Cassia Schools strive for a culture of communication with our stakeholders. As we all participate in the school and community we know that issues arise that provide opportunities for open door communication. Developing and maintaining trust is a vital component to overall success in our district. In the end, the ultimate goal of our Community Relations department is to build relationships within our school district through a variety of communication channels that provide for interaction, dialogue and engagement.

If you have questions, feedback or input or just want to talk about how things work in the district, give me a call. 

Jennifer Woodbury


Jennifer Woodbury

Public Communications Officer