2024 Supplemental Levy Renewal Presentation

Levy Renewal Presentation (Video)

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2023 Property Tax Relief

Historical Property Tax Rates 1997-2025

The Cassia Jt. School District Trustees are seeking a renewal of the Supplemental Levy. This is a two year levy which has been continuously approved since 1979. The levy is used to fund items that are not fully funded by the state including Curriculum, Classroom Supplies, Extra-Curricular Activities, and safety initiatives such as school nurses, resource officers, and mental health counseling.

The district is requesting an annual increase of $600,000 to help offset increasing costs from inflation, and to fund additional school resource officers and nurses. The total annual amount will be $2,795,000. See the above Renewal Presentation for a breakdown of the expenditures.

The estimated average annual cost to the taxpayer on the proposed levy is a tax of $84.23 per $100,000 of taxable assessed value, per year, based on current conditions.