BHS Music Department Christmas Greeting
A lunchtime treat before Christmas break by the Music Department. 

BHS Christmas Greeting
Staff greets students before the holiday break. Thank you, Mr. Fisher, Mr. Wood, Mr. Silva, and Deputy Rose. 

BHS Newscast Episode 7 2021-22
It's Christmas at Burley High School. Pictionary, Gingerbread Houses, Christmas Hopes, and Karaoke. Tis the Season!

BHS Newscast Episode 6 2021-22
Amari Whiting commits to Oregon Ducks, Taylor Lilya places 2nd in State Drama, Christmas at Burley High School.

Happy Thanksgiving Burley High School
Show us your best gobble and turkey strut!

BHS Newscast Episode 5 2021-22
It's Thanksgiving at Burley High School. Cross Country and Swim go to State. What are you thankful for?

BHS Newscast Episode 4 2021-22
Mr. BHS 2021, Swim Team and a State Record!

BHS Newscast Episode 3 2021-22
It's Halloween, Day of the Dead, and Mr. BHS is right around the corner. 

BHS Newscast Episode 2 2021-22
BHS Memories of 9/11, Homecoming 2021, Freshman kicks for varsity, Latinos in Action.

BHS Newscast Episode 1 21-22
Welcome to a new year Bobcats! Meet your new Vlog Team, what did you do last summer, Mini cheer, and Club Rush. Sound credits: Bensound.com

Summer of 2019
Summer checklists of BHS staff and students. Before the world shut down, we could travel abroad to ride elephants in Thailand, or stay home and explore waterfalls. This is what BHS did through one incredible summer. 

BHS Newscast 20-21 Episode 12

BHS Newscast 20-21 Episode 13

BHS Newscast 20-21 Episode 15

BHS Newscast 20-21 Episode 16

BHS Newscast 20-21 Episode 18
Soccer Tik Tok, what are you doing this summer? Part 2, Where in the World have you been? Questions for the student body. Minute to Win it, Trap Club, Fine Arts Seniors, FFA Banquet, Montage of the year.

8th Grade Orientation
Welcome Freshman! Here's what's next!

BHS Newscast 20-21 Episode 17
May Calendar, what are you doing this summer? Part 1, What's Next Seniors? Reality Town, Scholarship/College Commercial (pie in face)

Nate Memorial Video
This video is from the Vlog Class and friends of Nate. This is the result of a story scavenger hunt upon the return to school. 

BHS Newscast 20-21 Episode 14
Happy one year birthday to the BHS Vlog Squad, Special Olympians, and Coco Retires.

BHS Newscast 20-21 Episode 11
Girls Basketball heads to state. Kamryn Bradshaw signs. Random Acts of Kindness can change the world. Bel Cantos Retreat, and February fans.

BHS Newscast 20-21 Episode 10

BHS Sing-along, good-bye 2020, What does Resilience mean to you? Upcoming FAFSA Night, and Leo's Club Blood Drive. Amari Whiting and Kelsie Pope among Top 20 Idaho Girls' Basketball. McCray Mort Plays Football in Alabama. Bobcat Pride!

BHS Newscast 20-21 Episode 9
Burley High School 2021. It's a New Year, what is on your bucket list? Do you like bugs? Dedicated to Nate #13. January 11, 2021

BHS Newscast 20-21 Episode 8
It's the Holidays at Burley High School. Rogue Elves, Christmas Quiz, Sub4Santa, etc. BHS--A great place to be! December 17, 2020

BHS Newscast 20-21 Episode 7
December 10, 2020. Times News Swimmers of the Year, Distant Bleachers--still fans, Sora Reading program.

BHS Newscast 20-21 Episode 6
Thanking our teachers, Art and Ag Classroom News, Swim Vlog, and Fall Sports wrap up with coaches. November 23, 2020

BHS Newscast Episode 5 20-21
Burley High School News, Episode 5, Nov. 18, 2020, What are you thankful for? Logan's Week. Clara Garret, Marissa Bodily.

BHS Newscast 20-21 Episode 4
Homecoming Recap, Halloween costumes, CPR in Sophomore Health

BHS Newscast 20-21 Episode 3
Halloween, Marching Band

BHS Newscast 20-21 Episode 2

BHS Newscast 20-21 Episode 1
Introductions, Flexisched, Club Rush, and Franky retires. Welcome back Bobcats!

BHS Newscast Episode 11

BHS Newscast Episode 10
New electives coming up, winter sports enter district and state play, spring sports overview.

BHS Spirit Podcast
The team talks to Mr. Winn about how to improve school spirit in the student section and at school. 

BHS Newscast Episode 9

BHS Bobcat Ninja Warrior
Terry Lamb, the Tatted Ninja, visits BHS for a Bobcat Ninja Showdown. 1/21/20

BHS News Episode 8
Limon 7 Day, Collin Kartchner, and Terry Lamb are all in the news today.

BHS News Episode 7
Happy New Year 2020. Welcome to 2nd Semester!

Burley High School Christmas Vlog pt. 1
It's beginning to look like Christmas, but the sweaters have got to go!

BHS Newscast Episode 6
Changes and rumors, what is it all about?

Logan's Week Vlog

BHS Thanksgiving Vlog

November 18th Vlog Post
BHS vlog post for November 18, 2019

BHS Swim Vlog
Burley High School Swim Team

BHS Newscast Episode 4 11/5/19
Burley High School news with emphasis on Drama and Mr. BHS

Burley High School Halloween Day Vlog
A lot takes place at Burley High School in one day. Here is Halloween at BHS.

Burley High School News 10/29 Episode 3

Burley High School News - Episode 2 10/22/19
Burley High School News Cast, 10/22/19

Burley High School Vlog - Homecoming 2019

September 27, 2019 Vlog