Burley High School offers three opportunities for students to participate in speech and/or debate activities.

Club - Each Friday during the first half of lunch, the BHS Speech/Debate team meet in the KFAC Conference Room for the opportunity to learn important competitive speech and debate principles as well as offer opportunities for student presentations and to receive constructive criticism on presentations. Club meetings are open to any BHS student at any time. For the opportunity to make a presentation to the Club, contact Mrs. Fisher or the Club President.

The Club also organizes fundraising activities, speakers' forum/panels, sponsors speech competitions and makes students aware of speaking and/or debate activities in which they may participate.

Class - Students may participate in extra-curricular learning experiences on the subjects of competitive speech and/or debate. Club participation is not necessary to participate in the educational experience. However. students should commit to the class early on and stay committed through attendance and participation.

Competitive Team - Students may participate in competitive speaking tournaments, usually held January-February of each year. Tournaments require students to finance their fees/costs. For more information, please contact Mrs. Fisher or any Club member.

District Competition - Our school District holds a tournament each spring. (Usually March for Debate and April for Competitive Speech.) These tournaments are open to any BHS student who pays the costs/fees to attend. For more information, please contact Mrs. Fisher.