Club & Activities Overview



Art Club

Promoting a better appreciation of art and its importance in modern society. To become a member, one must be a current art student and show interest in the visual arts.


BSOPPs is designed to bring students and Special Olympians together to create a bond of respect and friendship which will make Special Olympians more aware of their own self-worth and students more understanding of others with special needs.

Bel Cantos

Bel Cantos is a select choir of boys and girls with the aim of learning many and varied types of music. These range from contemporary to classical, with most emphasis on classical. Students must audition with the director in order to be considered for membership. It is not necessary to be a musician in order to audition; however, any past musical experience will be helpful. Although the class is basically a performance-oriented class, the students also learn a great deal about musicianship.

Bobcat Club

The Bobcat Club is an organization that provides opportunities for students who have an enthusiastic attitude and pride in their school's activities. It is a group of students and faculty working together to bring school spirit to the student body, as well as encourage students to participate at sporting events and other school sponsored activities. The Bobcat Club has the mindset that the strongest, most united teams rise to the highest level of performance.

Bobcat/Yearbook Staff

Yearbook tells the story of each school year through photography and the written word. The yearbook contains sections devoted to student's life, organizations, classes and school activities. This is a class, application required.

Business Professionals
of America

BPA is a service, social, & competitive organization. Although not required, if you are a student in a business class, this club is definitely for you. Meet lots of new friends and travel.


The spirit squad consists of eight varsity members and four junior varsity members chosen at the previous spring tryouts by special judging procedures. In addition to practicing during the summer, the squad meets as a class to create and perfect cheers, dances, pep assemblies, etc. The goal of the squad is to promote school unity and spirit.

Color Guard

The spirit squad consists of eight varsity members and four junior varsity members chosen at the previous spring tryouts by special judging procedures. In addition to practicing during the summer, the squad meets as a class to create and perfect cheers, dances, pep assemblies, etc. The goal of the squad is to promote school unity and spirit.


The FFA organization is an integral part of high school agricultural sciences instruction. It provides students with the opportunity to develop leadership skills, compete with others in various agricultural skills, and receive travel opportunities. There are requirements the students must meet in order to join this international organization.


Family, Career and Community Leaders of America is the student organization that encourages personal growth, teaches career preparation, and fosters family and community involvement

Drama Club

The Thespian Society was founded to encourage participation in high school dramatic productions. To be admitted into the club, a person needs to earn points that are received from acting in plays, participating on production staffs, or participating in declamation activities.

Intramural Sports

The purpose of this lunchtime activity is to help students be involved in athletics even if they are not part of an organized team at BHS. Throughout the year various sports are played during lunchtime. Students organize their own teams and championship games are played.

Jazz Ensemble

The Jazz Ensemble is an audition-only group with membership drawn from the Concert Band. The Jazz Ensemble generally performs in two concerts and three jazz festivals each year. This is a yearlong class.

Leo Club

The local Lion’s Club sponsors the LEO Club. This is a service organization, and members are active in community projects such as the Spud Man Triathlon, eye and hearing screening for school-aged children, and collecting used eyewear that is distributed to needy persons here and abroad.

Marching Band/Pep Band

This organization provides a large ensemble setting for students who wish to continue to develop their own instrumental skill and that of an ensemble member. Students in band participate in concert band, marching band, and pep band. Students are required to attend all required football games, girls and boys basketball games, all concerts (3 per year) and scheduled rehearsals. A required week-long marching band camp is held in either late July or early August each year.

National Honor Society

NHS is a national organization comprised of students who have a GPA of 3.5 or higher. The purpose of this organization is to encourage academic excellence. Entrance into the club is by invitation, and all members are required to take specific advanced

Rodeo Club

The Rodeo Club at BHS is organized for the purpose of promoting rodeo participation. Members compete as a team in National High School Rodeo Association approved rodeos where they accumulate points, which enable them to participate in state and national finals competitions. Members must provide their own equipment, transportation, and entry fees.

Spanish Club

The purpose of the Spanish Club is to get a better understanding of the Hispanic culture, not only in school but in the community as well. The goal is to keep former and current Spanish class students active in the club’s cultural and language enhancement activities.


Stepperettes is a dance/drill team whose purpose is to perform at athletic and civic functions and to represent BHS at dance/drill team competitions. Members are selected for their dance ability, poise, personality, willingness to cooperate. Grades are also a consideration. Routines are taught and perfected during a regular class; however additional practices are also expected.

Student Council

Student Council is a class (Leadership) comprised of the Student Body and Class Officers. Elections are held for these positions each spring. The BHS student council members organize activities for the student body and promote school involvement and school spirit. It acts as a liaison between students and school administration and performs such tasks as will enable the school to run effectively and pleasantly. All student council members must be enrolled in the Leadership class. This class

Swim Club

(Mini-Cassia Swim Team) – Swim Club is open to any student wishing to participate. The group meets regularly during the summer and participates, along with other Mini-Cassia members, in local, regional, and state meets. Participants who qualify and participate in the state meet are eligible for an athletic letter.

Teens Against Drugs & Alcohol

TADA is a club that promotes drug and alcohol abstinence and offers alternative ways of having fun. It is also service oriented and encourages community involvement. This club is open to all BHS students.