Welcome to Financial Aid

When we speak of financial aid it is most often referring to the federal programs that assist students with post-high school education. The financial aid is offered in three different forms: grants, work-study and loans. You don't have to pay back grants. Work-study allows you to earn money for your education usually with an on-campus job. Loans allow you to borrow money that you'll have to repay. It is common for some people to say, "we probably make too much to qualify". Now we are told that all students will probably qualify for something. Everyone should apply! Some are scared of applying because they don't want loans but would take a grant. If you are offered loans you don't have to accept them to still be eligible for any other aid that you have qualified for.

Applications become available in late November or early December. No applications are accepted before January 1 of each to make sure that student has included all money earned during the previous year. Students are encouraged to apply for financial aid over the internet at www.studentaid.gov as it will speed up the process by at least four weeks. For additional help beyond what is provided at the sites below, students should contact a college financial aid office. The financial aid office at the College of Southern Idaho is willing to help BHS students with their applications no matter what college they plan to attend. They may be contacted at 1-800-6800-CSI ext. 2273.

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