Media Center Resources

Recognize Propaganda & Faulty Logic.  How do you tell if something you read is trying to manipulate you through reason or emotion to persuade you to change or create new ideas that may not be true/real? This resource can help.

Find Books.  Search for books in our library and in other Cassia County school libraries.   Our library name is DHS Library and there is no password.  

Find Articles.  Search for encyclopedia, newspaper, magazine, and other articles using the LiLI Databases.

Save.  Sign up for free data storage using Dropbox.

Find eBooks.  Search for and download free eBooks from Project Gutenberg.

Find eAudiobooks.  Search for and download free eAudiobooks from Audio Books @ Project Gutenberg and/or

Find Great Books Online. Bartleby publishes literature, reference and verse books and information on the web.

Prep for PSAT / SAT.  Online resources include pre- and post-tests, tutorials, practice tests, and eBook study guides. Located in the LearningExpress Library in the LiLI Databases. All DHS Sophomores and Juniors are taught how to use this resource.

Cite Your Work.  Learn how to and see examples for creating your list of works cited from the Purdue OWL. Or have them created for you using EasyBib. (There's also an EasyBib app for your smartphone!)

Got Fines?  In addition to cash, the library accepts the following items to pay for overdue fines:

  • Box Tops for Education - $0.10/each

  • Unexpired canned fruits or veggies - up to $0.50/can

  • Unexpired canned proteins or soups - up to $1/can

  • Coats or blankets in good repair - up to $5/each

  • K-12 books in good repair - up to $1.00/book

  • Library clean-up - $0.25/shelf