Dual Credit & Fast Forward

Dual Credit

Dual credit is credit given for a course by both a high school and a college.  Colleges in Idaho charge less tuition for dual credit courses.  When the course is taken at the high school, the school provides the textbook. In addition to paying reduced tuition, there is no cost for room or textbooks saving hundreds of dollars of the cost of attending college.  Some students are able to earn enough dual credits while in high school to graduate from CSI at the same time they graduate from high school. Students will need to register for the course both at the high school and at the college in order to get credit at both schools.

Fast Forward

Fast Forward is part of Idaho's Advanced Opportunities program.  It pays for high school student's overload and dual credit courses.  Starting in the 2016-17 school year, students will have $4,125 to use for overload and dual credit courses.

Students need to create an account on the state's Advanced Opportunities web portal located here. Students enter each of their college courses into the portal in order for the state to pay the college tuition.

Steps for Dual Credit and Fast Forward

  • Apply to the college as a dual credit student (usually CSI)

  • Register for the course at a high school

  • Register for the course at the college

  • Sign the Advanced Opportunities Participation Form (see below) and turn in to your counselor

  • Complete the Certificate of Residency form

    and turn in at the county office where you live

  • Create an account on the Idaho Advanced Opportunities website

  • Input your dual credit courses into the Advanced Opportunities website each semester

Be Aware

  • College courses are generally much faster paced than regular high school courses.

  • Grades earned in dual credit courses affect your college GPA forever and may affect financial aid eligibility.

  • When registering for a college course, you must be aware of the college policies regarding deadlines for enrolling, withdrawing and grading.

  • You will be responsible for the county's portion of tuition if you do not submit your Certificate of Residency by the state deadline.

  • You will be responsible for all of the tuition if you do not correctly enter the course you are taking on the Advanced Opportunities website by the deadline.

Advanced Opportunities Participation Form
Students and parents must sign the form and deliver it to their school counselor.

Dual Credit Checklist

Dual Credits Offered at BHS
This a list of dual credit classes at Burley High School and the course number at CSI.  The last few classes are Technical Competency credits which apply towards a technical certificate or degree.  Fast Forwards will not pay for Technical Competency credits.

CSI Graduation Worksheet
Students must check their graduation requirements with an advisor at CSI.  This worksheet can identify where dual credit courses can be taken.

CSI Dual Credit Registration

Students must apply for admission as a dual credit student prior to registering for a course.

Idaho Advanced Opportunities Website

Students must create an account on this website in order for the state to pay the tuition charges. Students must enter the courses they are taking each semester.

Certificate of Residency

Students must turn this to their county of residency. Students must be prepared to prove their current residence with a driver license or the parent's driver license or other documents.

Idaho Digital Learning Academy (IDLA)

IDLA offers many dual credit classes.

CSI Online Classes

You may need to click on this link to Display Fall 2016 Courses or Spring 2017 Courses to see the term that you desire.