Scholarship Information

WARNING! There are many resources available for scholarship information. BE CAREFUL! You should NEVER be asked to supply social security numbers, bank account information, or to pay to get a scholarship or scholarship information. If you have questions, check with Ms. Kirkpatrick.

TIP: Provide Ms. Kirkpatrick ( with an email address and current scholarship information will be forwarded to you as it arrives in the counseling office.

Check the following websites for scholarship and other college information:

Tips to Keep you Safe on the Scholarship Hunt
Please, be very careful as you are applying for scholarships.  The link above has a lot of good tips for scholarship hunts, starting college, etc. Check it out, be in the know and be prepared!

Idaho Career Information System (CIS)
The password and username are available from Ms. Kirkpatrick. CIS contains a large number of scholarship sources and financial aid information. It provides information on colleges and universities throughout the United States as well as information on careers, self-employment, the military, and much more. All DHS students learn to use CIS in the ninth grade.

Affordable Colleges Online
Provides strategies and information about pursuing an affordable higher education. Includes free community resources and tools spanning topics such as financial-aid and college savings strategies, affordability and scorecard rankings, opportunities for Veterans and people with disabilities, and online learning resources.