Dual Credit Information


College Transcripts are separate and different from DHS High School Transcripts.

You will need to order OFFICIAL College/University Transcripts from the college/university who issued the dual credit to be sent to the college/university that you are planning to attend. This needs to be done once courses are completed or at time of graduation (to ensure the college/university receives the transcripts before you begin classes).

Advanced Opportunities Funding - All the important stuff!

Here is the link to the SDE: Advanced Opportunities Information

Every student who uses Advanced Opportunities funds must sign an Advanced Opportunities Participation from (available in Counseling Center). It goes into detail on the program, how much is available, what it can be used for, and potential risks/consequences if courses are failed.

Dual Credit

Dual credit is taking courses that allow students the opportunity to earn college credit as they are meeting their high school credit requirements.

It is important to understand that these courses are being taught to a college standard and may not be appropriate for all students.

There are various ways to participate in dual credit course work:

  • At a high school site, in designated dual credit courses

  • At a college campus, students need to discuss this with counselor to ensure funds are managed correctly.

  • Through online resources:

Will My College Credits Transfer?

Please research which credits you've received will transfer into colleges.

Remember, not all credits are equal; some will transfer differently to other colleges/universities. You need to make sure you are aware of that possibility as it could impact your college plans.

Below are some links to help you determine if/what your college credits will transfer as:

Course Transfer

Will your credits transfer to other Idaho colleges? Using this link, you can see how things would transfer among schools.

BYU Equivalency Credit Search

Needing to know if/what college credits could transfer to BYU schools. This link can help you determine that.

Utah State - Credit Transfer Check

Going to Utah State? Have dual credit? Use this link to see what can transfer to their school.


Advanced Opportunities Funding

Advanced Opportunities allow for students to individualize their high school learning plan to get a jump start on their future. These options include dual credit, technical competency credit, Advanced Placement, and International Baccalaureate programs.

At the link below you will find more information about this program and how your student can best apply it to their goals. I encourage you to view the "What are Advanced Opportunities" video on the site.

At Declo High School, Advanced Opportunities access is managed through your school counselor.

Every student who uses Advanced Opportunities funds, must have a completed Participation Form on file with their school. This form outlines the program, expectations, and consequences in accessing these funds. AO forms are available in the Counseling Center, please complete and return to counselor.

GEM Framework

GEM courses are universally accepted across all public institutions in Idaho. For students who are starting their college pathways, focusing on GEM courses early on will help ensure that courses taken by the student attribute to program/degree completion. By completing these courses student can earn a GEM certificate.

Certificate of Residency

This link is where you can get the most recent Certificate of Residency to participate in dual credit courses.

Students who are taking college courses on campus need to complete this every year. Students who are using Advanced Opps funds with IDLA/on a high school campus may not need to complete (check with counselor/college).

This must be submitted no later than December 1 (earlier is better)!