Fee Payment

Pay Fees Online

Mandatory Class Fees

  • $10 P.E. (Typically, only freshmen take P.E.)

  • $5 Weights

  • $25 Lifetime Fitness

  • Ag Fees (9th Grade-$20; 10th-12th $30)

Optional Expenses

  • $60 Yearbook

  • $35 Activity Card (Required if you participate in ANY extracurricular activity)

  • Pay to Participate (Required if you participate in ANY sports)

    • $60 1st sport

    • $50 2nd sport

    • $40 3rd sport

    • $40 4th sport

A Message About Athletic Fees and Activity Cards

Sending a child to school seems to be becoming a significant financial investment. I would like to explain why students participating in extracurricular activities are required to pay athletic fees. For several years there has been a participation fee charged to all who chose to participate in extracurricular activities. The current fee schedule is $60 for the first sport $50 for the second, and $40 if they participate in a third. The first $30 of this fee remains in our building with the remainder going to the district to help pay the cost of transportation. The funds necessary to sustain the activities offered at our school have largely come from gate receipts. The district pays for our coaches salaries but the remainder of the financial obligation falls to each individual building.

Like all things the expenses continue to rise. From athletic equipment to the cost of officials the amount of money going out was quickly exceeding what was coming in. A few years ago, our funds were completely depleted prior to the start of spring sports. Had the booster club not stepped in there would have been no funds to cover the cost of sending track and golf to their respective state tournaments. Due to this shortfall, we determined that it would be necessary to start charging an additional athletic fee similar to the fee being charged at many neighboring schools. Hence the new $35 activity card fee that students pay. This money goes into the athletic budget allowing the athletic director to have the funds needed to cover the cost of providing for the many activities in which our children participate.

One parent recently asked why gate receipts do not cover these costs. May I please share a specific example. On a past Tuesday night, we hosted a tri volleyball meet along with girls' and boys' soccer. The officials that night cost $841 and our gate receipts were $358. The difference was paid from the athletic fee our students paid at registration. Please understand that we are grateful for every person who attends the many activities sponsored by our school. I share this not to complain but to help everyone understand why the fee. To further explain the need for the fee last year our athletic department spent $19,000 to send students to state competitions. Again, we are able to handle this expense due to the revenue generated from the athletic fee. Please know that we are aware that money is tight, we respect that and are ensuring that the money you provide our school through fees is being used appropriately.

Roland Bott, Principal