Idaho Digital Learning Alliance (IDLA)

What is IDLA?

Created in 2002 by the Idaho Legislature, Idaho Digital Learning Alliance (IDLA) provides access to flexible courses beyond what many Idaho School Districts can offer. IDLA courses are online classes for all Idaho students. IDLA courses create flexibility in scheduling and access to dual credit or Advanced Placement courses for college credit, opportunity to graduate early, and recover credits. All courses align to Idaho Core Content Standards and are facilitated by an Idaho Certified, Highly Qualified Teacher.

Students who are enrolled in a public education setting have the opportunity to participate in IDLA course work through their local school, contact the school IDLA Site Coordinator.


IDLA Registration

ALL IDLA registration is now being done online with the exception of Drivers Education and AP courses (due to additional information required).

Directions on this process are available in the shortcuts, under DHS IDLA Registration Portal.

IDLA Registration & Course Catalog

Starting Spring 2020 all IDLA registration and course selection will be managed online; this will also permit online payments.

By clicking here, (or noted in directions above), students will select Course Catalog and find the course they wish to enroll in.

NEW IDLA students, after you click on a register you will have the opportunity to create an account.

Things to keep in mind:

  1. Site Coordinator has final say if a student takes a course. (If you have failed an IDLA course previously or not highly self-motivated you may be denied.)

  2. Dual Credit is recommended for 11th and 12th graders (some colleges will not permit below those grades).

  3. NOT ALL COURSES ARE AVAILABLE. Students interested in AP, Drivers Education, or FLEX sections will need to talk to Ms. Kirkpatrick.

  4. Courses MUST be paid for at time of registration or within IDLAs deadline (5:00PM the Sunday before session begins) or student will be dropped from course.

  5. Students/parents are responsible for reading the Course Overview/Syllabus and know requirements and materials needed before signing up for a class.

  6. IF your class is to be covered by Advanced Opportunities funds (dual credit and overload courses ONLY), you need to clear that with Ms. Kirkpatrick BEFORE registering for a class, as it will impact billing.