Other Counseling Resources

SchoolPulse empowers students and schools to be more proactive than ever, in promoting mental wellness and improving the suicide prevention mission of every school.

The ASVAB Test
The ASVAB test measures strengths and potential for future success.

You don't "pass" or "fail". The results represent how well you have developed your skills in addition to your potential for training.

The ASVAB CEP is made up of three components:

  • ASVAB: The aptitude test estimates your performance in academic and vocational endeavors.

  • FYI: The interest inventory measures your work-related interests.

  • OCCU-Find: A career catalog provides activities to help you put a plan together.


LiLI Databases
This link directs you to the Libraries Linking Idaho database, that has a ton of resources on many topics. Databases are huge collections of information to help students learn and research.

I have used the Learning Express Application, located in "Featured Resources" on the main page, the most. It has resources on the PSAT test (Sophomores), the SAT test (Juniors & Seniors), and the ACT test (Juniors & Seniors). However, there is even more information on careers, colleges, etc.

If you are looking for some test help, skills building, or where to start your college hunt this is a great starting point! 

Kahn Academy
This site is a great resource for students who need additional help with math! Students will create an account and by using the "Search" option can find tutorials on many different math related topics. There are videos that will walk the student through the process, teaching the student how to solve the problem (not just giving them the answer).

There are also other courses on the site and SAT test prep resources. Check it out!