Idaho Digital Learning Alliance (Online) Courses

Idaho Digital Learning Alliance (IDLA) was created by the Idaho State Legislature and Idaho educators, to provide Idaho students with online courses, highly qualified teachers, virtual services, and equal access throughout the state. IDLA works in partnership with the local school districts.  

Students are allowed to take IDLA courses at OHS in the computer lab, during the afternoon (3rd, 4th, and 5th) periods.  Most IDLA courses taken during the regular school day cost $75 to the student (unless they are dual credit courses) and must be paid at the time of registration. 

However, if a student has a full schedule at the school and wants to add an "overload" course through IDLA, the course may be paid for by Fast Forward funding, as long as the proper steps are taken. See the Fast Forward Funding tab for more information. 

To see the courses that are offered through IDLA, see the flier posted below or go to and click on the Course Catalog.  If you click on a particular class, it will tell you everything about the course. If it is a dual credit course, the catalog will tell you which college the course is offered through. 


Cohort classes are on a set schedule, with assignment due on certain dates.  High school students generally perform best with cohort classes. 

Flex courses are work-at-your-own pace, as long as you complete it by the end of the term.