School Constitution

Article I: Name and Purpose

Section 1-Name

  1. The name of this organization shall be the Students of Raft River High School.

  2. The name of the school shall be Raft River High School.

  3. The school colors shall be Royal Blue and Gold.

  4. The school emblem shall be the Trojan.

Section 2-Purpose

  1. To unify all student organizations.

  2. To aid the internal administration of the school.

  3. To enforce and foster sentiment for law and order.

  4. To promote the general activities of the school.

  5. To develop in the student a growing appreciation for membership in a democracy; of providing the education responsibilities of, and privileges of participating in, such a democracy for a school.

  6. To promote in all ways, the best interest of the school.

Articles II: Membership

Section 1 –Student Body Members

  1. All students enrolled in Raft River High School shall be eligible for membership of the student body.

  2. The Student Council shall be made up of:

    1. The President, Vice President, Secretary/ Treasurer of the Student Body.  The Student Body officers serve as the presiding officers of the Student Council.

    2. The President of all four classes and the president of each club or organization.

    3. One representative from the faculty, appointed by the principal.

Article III: Officers and Elections

*Those wishing to run, must attend RRHS during the year prior to starting a petition.

Section 1—Officers

  1. Petitions for Student Body Officers for the following year shall be available on the first Monday of April.

  2. If there are more than two candidates for an office, primary elections shall be conducted the following week from when petitions are due.

  3. A general assembly will be held at a convenient time prior to primary elections preceding the general elections. The candidates shall make an opening statement and answer questions individually before the student body.

  4. General elections of Student Body Officers for the following year shall be conducted the third week in April.

  5. Officers shall be: President, Vice President, Secretary-Treasurer and Historian, elected from rising junior and senior classes only.

  6. Any nominee for Student Body office must have a previous semester grade point average, or cumulative semester grade point average of 2.5 or better, prior to petitioning for office. A nominee cannot have a “sluff” or school suspension from school on their record for the school year, found in violation of school policy, or guilty of a criminal act.

  7. Special Education students are eligible based upon the above stated criteria, or declared by the Child Study Team and Academic Teacher’s Team, according to school district policy.

Section 2—Removal of Offices

  1. Any Student Body Officer may be removed from office by a majority vote of the Student Body and a two-third vote from the Student Council if determined that the conduct of the officer does not coincide with school policy.

  2. Any Student Body Officer shall automatically be removed from office upon receiving less than 2.5 grade point average for the semester, or if the accumulative grade point average falls below a 2.5.

  3. If the Student Body President is unable to fulfill the duties, the Vice President shall assume the office of the President.

  4. If the offices of the Vice President or Secretary-Treasurer are left vacant, an election will be held to fill these offices.

  5. Any officer suspended from school will forfeit that office.

  6. Any officer will be removed if guilty of a crime or criminal act.

Section 3—Organization and Class Election

  1. The election of class officers shall be held on the first Tuesday of May if feasible.

  2. Any nominee must have a previous semester grade point average or accumulative semester grade point average of 2.5 or better.  A student must not have a “sluff” or suspension from school on their record for the school year, found in violation of school policy, or guilty of a criminal act.

  3. Class officers shall pass petitions through their class only.

  4. All student body members shall be eligible to vote in the Student Body elections.

    1. All outgoing seniors may not vote.

    2. All incoming freshmen may vote.

  5. All voting shall be done by secret ballot.

  6. Candidates running for offices are responsible for all campaigning materials, including clean up.

  7. No persons shall hold more than one major office (President) and two minor offices, which must not be the same position. Major offices shall be those who are members of the Student Council. (For example: can’t hold 2 secretary positions)

Article IV: Student Council

Section 1—Duties of Student Council Members

  1. The President shall:

    1. Preside at all meetings of the Council when present.

    2. Call extra meetings whenever necessary.

    3. Vote in case of a tie.

    4. Appoint in all minor committees not appointed by the Council.

    5. Be a member of all committees.

  2. The Vice president shall:

    1. Preside at all Council meetings when the President is absent.  Assume the President’s responsibilities if the President is unable to fulfill their duties.

    2. Be a member of all committees.

    3. Preside as Secretary-Treasurer if the Secretary-Treasurer is absent and the President is present.

    4. The Vice President shall change the marquee regularly and when necessary.

    5. Serve on special committees as appointed.

  3. The Secretary-Treasurer shall:

    1. Take minutes of every council meeting held and keep them on record for future reference.

    2. Post a typed written copy of the minutes of each meeting of the Student Council upon the bulletin board no later than the following meeting.

    3. Send birthday card and other correspondence involving school/ Student Council business.

  4. The Student Council shall:

    1. Arrange, with the aid of the Principal or advisor, assembly programs for the year and Student Body parties.

    2. Hear and pass approval on applications for dates for class parties, class plays, etc.

    3. Keep a calendar of all school activities.

    4. Duties of other committees shall be decided by the Council.

    5. Any committee may, if desired, submit any business pertaining to its work for a discussion and vote of the entire Student Council.

    6. Plan for Homecoming activities.

Section 2—Meetings

  1. Regular Student Council meetings shall be held monthly during school hours or before or after school at the discretion of the President and advisor. Special meetings may be called at the discretion of the President and the consent of the Principal and advisor.

Section 3—Powers

  1. To make and enforce any rule necessary for the betterment of the school, its life, and interest.

  2. To grant charters to clubs and organizations.

  3. To recommend appointment of necessary committees.

  4. To investigate and report on matters especially referred to by the faculty or administrative officers of the school.

  5. It shall be the right and privilege of Student Council to revoke the Charter of any organization.

Article V: School Annual

  1. The students of Raft River High School shall publish a yearbook annually.

  2. The name of the yearbook shall be the “Trojan”.

Article VI: Club Constitutions

  1. This constitution shall recognize and uphold minor constitutions by the student council.

  2. All minor constitutions, before coming effective, must be passed by two-thirds majority vote by the Student Council.

Article VII: Cheerleaders

  1. The cheerleading and dance team members will be advised as separate teams.

  2. Anyone trying out for cheerleading or dance team must have a previous semester grade point average, or accumulative grade point average of 2.5 or better prior to tryouts, and not have a “sluff” or suspension from school on their record for the school year, found in violation of school policy, or guilty of a criminal act.

  3. Any cheerleader or dance team member will be eligible to participate in athletics.

  4. Arrangements as to who will cheer will be made between cheerleaders, their advisor, and approved by the principal.

  5. An athletic letter will be given for cheerleading.

Article VIII: Homecoming and Other Dance Royalty

Section 1

  1. Candidates for RRHS Homecoming Royalty shall be a junior or senior having a previous semester grade point average, or an accumulative semester grade of no less than 2.5, and not have a “sluff” or suspension from school on their record for the school year, found in violation of school policy, or guilty of a criminal act.

  2. Special Education student are eligible based upon the above stated criteria, or declared eligible by the Child Study Team and Academic Teachers Team according to School District policy.

  3. The ballot to elect the Homecoming Queen, King, Princess, Prince, Duchess, and Duke will be passed out the week prior to Homecoming.  On the ballot will be the names of all eligible Junior and Senior girls and boys.

Section 2

  1. Announcement of royalty shall take place the week of the Homecoming game and the half time program shall be as follows:

    1. The Royalty shall enter and be presented in front of the bleachers. Any changes to the choice of escorts from Homecoming Royalty must be approved by the principal.

    2. Announcement of each royalty winner will be honored and announced.

Section 3—Crowning

  1. Crowning of Royalty shall take place during the half time of the Homecoming game.  Presentation of the roses and crown will be done by:

    1. Queen—King

    2. Princess—Prince

    3. Duchess-Duke

  2. King and Queen and attendants may not have this honor two years in a row.

  3. Homecoming Royalty is required to be at the dance.

Section 4

  1. The Student Body Officers are responsible for the royalty’s presentation for the parade and game presentation.

Article IX: Amendments

  1. Petition for amendments to the constitution shall have one half of the total number of student’s names affixed before it can be voted on in student council meetings.

  2. The amendments must be passed by a majority of the council before it is voted on by the student body.

  3. If the amendment is passed by a two-thirds majority of the student body, the constitution will thus be amended.

Article X: Ratifying the Constitution

  1. This constitution, before becoming legal, must be approved by the principal, the Student Council, and by two-thirds majority of the Student Body.