Parent Involvement Policy

Our Promise:  Raft River Jr. / Sr.High School recognizes that parents of students attending Raft River Jr. / Sr. High School should be considered partners with teachers and staff at Raft River Jr. / Sr. High School in promoting academics and citizenship. We consider the teacher/ parent relationship to be vital to the development of students in our school. Raft River Jr. / Sr. High school staff acknowledges that parents should have a working knowledge of the standards, procedures and curriculum taught to students in our school. Parents should be able to call on teachers to monitor and discuss student achievement. Parents should also be able to monitor student progress via PowerSchool or whichever program the district is using to take attendance and monitor student progress.

Faculty and Staff shall work in collaboration with parents and guardians by:

  • respecting parents as partners in the education of their children and honoring their role as first and life-long teachers.

  • valuing diversity and equity in each child's learning.

  • setting high expectations for excellent customer (student/parent) service.

  • expecting high student achievement for all students.

  • promoting parent involvement in site-based leadership and decision making; valuing partnerships within the public and private entities within the Cassia community.

  • ensuring flexibility and accessibility within school-wide operations and flexibility within school processes and procedures.

  • and establishing and promoting communication as a source of trust and understanding between the school and parents.

Parents/Guardians are invited to be involved in their children's learning and education. Communication between teachers and parents should be an open two-way communication. Contacts made by email, phone call, letters or other means will be respectful and work towards the common goal of advancing the education of the children in our area. Parents are encouraged to be active in developing and abiding by school policies and procedures. Parents can support the learning environment by making time at home for homework, helping students get adequate rest and providing proper nutrition to students. Parents are encouraged to be active in the learning, conduct, and development of their children. Barriers to student learning should be discussed openly by parents and teachers/administration as necessary. Cultural differences, diversity, and valuing students are topics that should be addressed by parents, patrons and faculty.

A school improvement team to be made up of community and the Building Leadership team is appointed by the administrator to review policy changes. This committee review annually school policy regarding strategies to implement and ensure success of this document. Surveys conducted annually along with parent involvement activities will serve as a means for parents to voice recommendations and commendations to the school. The team shall draft regulations to address the requirements of the school district and the Idaho State Board of Education, which shall be reviewed annually and revised as needed, by the school wide improvement team.