Dear Declo Community, Thank you for your interest in utilizing our gym for your team’s practices. We love to partner with you for the betterment of our students. Good luck with your practices and competitions this season. As you utilize our gym/facilities please keep the following guidelines and requirements in mind:

1- Reserving the gym for your season can begin on the first day of school. No arrangements can be made before this date.

2- Each team has a limit of two practices per week of school. Any overage from this limit may result in a loss of access for the remainder of the school year. Please note, weekend usage falls under “Summer Time/ Out of School Usage.”

3- All coaches are responsible for all participants, younger siblings, and parents in our facility during their scheduled time. For this reason we recommend that all non-team participants are not brought during your practice time.

4- All coaches need to fill out the, “Waiver of Liability and Indemnity Agreement,” before they are able to schedule and or utilize any of our facilities at Declo El.

5- Any and all damages caused by misuse of our facility is the sole responsibility of our users. ● No food or flavored drinks in the Gym. ● No Gum ● No going into any other room/closet without permission. ● The only bathrooms to be used are the bathrooms next to the library. ● No bouncing/throwing balls or items in the hallway ● Please sweep the gym floor when you are done using the gym and take out your own garbage ● If you lower or raise the basketball hoops, please put them back how you found them.

6- All School or After School activities will supersede community practices and or usage.

The following chart shows a general description of available practice slots during staff hours and on weekends. An up to date list of available slots can be found on our website.

● Gray cells indicate School Time/Spark after school program usage.

● Red cells indicate “Out of School,” usage time.

● All white cells show the different slots for practices.

Gym Time