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The Culture of Declo Elementary

In one word, Declo Elementary is “Family.” Out on the playground, I see brothers, sisters, twins, and cousins. I see mothers, sons, grandmas and granddaughters. I see students who represent the second or even third generation of the same family on the swings, sliding down the slides, and throwing the football around the grass lawns.

     The same question is being asked now by the 4th and 5th graders that their parents probably asked when they were students at this same school, “Can we play tackle football?” My heart swells as I watch my teachers treat their students as if they were their own children and grandchildren. “Family,” is the word that describes Declo.

    If I could use two words to describe Declo Elementary, they would be, “We Work.” Work is done immediately. Teachers at Declo, have an efficacious attitude toward the learning process.  I hear many permutations but the meaning is the same, “Getter done,” “Let’s jump to it,” “Cowboy up,” “Let’s go,” “You can do this,” and many more. I see teachers and staff members working above and beyond what is expected every day. In a community that acts like a family, it’s just what you do; we work.

    I don’t know which three words I would choose to describe Declo Elementary School’s Culture, “We stick together,” or “We’re all different.” But perhaps that is what makes us so special. Even though we are so different; we stick together.

Thank you for doing what you do.



Kevin Lloyd