Cassia Federal Programs Presents: Your Future; Your Choices 8th Annual College & Career Day for Cassia County School District 11th & 12th Graders  Wednesday, April 10, 2024, at the Burley Inn Convention Center 8 AM-3PM. Over 35 Mini-Cassia Businesses and Idaho University/Colleges and trade schools. Bring a Resume to hand out to the businesses! Dress for Success! Win prizes!! Questions about this opportunity? Ask your school administrator, school guidance counselor, or college & career advisor! If your business is interested in participating please contact Kim Bedke or Melissa Farran at 208-878-6618

Our 8th Annual College & Career Fair is getting closer and we are so excited! Each spring the fair is put together for all 11th & 12th grade students in the district to attend to help them plan ahead for after graduation. There are colleges, local business, trade schools, and more who attend - it is truly a magnificent event! If you own a business and are interested in setting up a booth, please feel free to contact Kim Bedke or Melissa Farran at 208-878-6618 and they will be happy to help!