Diesel Mechanics

Heavy equipment/diesel is a program designed to prepare students with skills for the field maintenance of heavy equipment, and in general maintenance and overhaul of such equipment. Heavy equipment/diesel includes instruction in inspection, maintenance, and repair of tracks, wheels, brakes, operating controls, pneumatic and hydraulic systems, electrical circuitry, engines, and in techniques of welding and brazing. The course also includes training in applied communications, and employability skills including leadership, human relations, and safe efficient work practices.

Diesel Tech Student

Heavy Equipment Diesel Level I (TI 0601

11th Grade

Heavy Equipment Diesel Level II (TI 0602)

11th Grade & 12th Grade

Heavy Equipment Diesel Level III (TI 0603

12th Grade


  • Be a key part of a team that operates and diagnosis heavy machinery in a full service diesel shop

  • Experiences a wide variety of heavy machinery and develop skills to repair and troubleshoot industry standard heavy machinery 

  • Develop skills and gain experience by working side by side with certified technicians


  • ASE Entry Level Medium/Heavy Truck: Diesel Engines Certification

  • ASE Entry Level Medium/Heavy Truck: Breaks Certification

  • ASE Entry Level Medium/Heavy Truck: Steering and Suspension Certification

  • ASE Entry Level Medium/Heavy Truck: Electrical / Electronic Systems Certification

  • ASE Entry Level Medium/Heavy Truck: Inspection Maintenance and Light Repair Certification

  • SP/2 Heavy-Duty/Diesel Technology Safety Certification

  • SP/2 Heavy-Duty/Diesel Technology Pollution Prevention Certification

  • SP/2 Daimler Trucks North America: Heavy-Duty Truck Terminology 101 Certification

  • SP/2 Valvoline Motor Oil 101 SP/2 Valvoline Automotive Fluids 101 Certification

  • SP/2 Valvoline Automotive Chemicals 101 Certification

  • SP/2 Building a Resume Certification

  • SP/2 Interview Skills Certification

  • SP/2 WD-40 Cleaning, Storage and Maintenance of Tools and Equipment Certification

  • SP/2 Ethics in the Automotive Industry Certification

  • SP/2 Preparing a Vehicle for Service and Working with Customers Certification

  • SP/2 Electric Vehicle Safety Certification

  • Idaho Diesel Technical Skills Assessment Certification

  • CTECS Workplace Readiness Skills Assessment Certification


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