Upcoming Food Distribution Event - August 26 from 10 am - 12 pm at 292 W 100 S, Rupert, Idaho 83350. For more information, feel free to call or text at (208)670-1553.
about 1 month ago, Jennifer Woodbury
Food Distribution Event Saturday, August 26, 2023, from 10 AM-12 PM at 292 W 100 S, Rupert, Idaho
May the 4th be with you! Read the Origami Yoda series, now available in our District Sora Collection. Read or listen to these and 244 other STAR WARS titles in the IDEA by ICFL collection. See your school librarian if you need help or have questions.
5 months ago, David Cole
May The 4th Be With You
Cassia Federal Programs Presents Your Future; Your Choices 7th Annual College and Career Day Cassia School District 11th & 12th Graders Tuesday, April 4, 2023 Burley Inn Convention Center 8:00 am to 3:00 pm Over 35 Mini-Cassia businesses and Idaho universities, colleges, and trade schools will be represented. If you have questions about this great opportunity, please ask your school administrator, school guidance counselor, or college and career advisor. Parents, please ask your child about their experience!
6 months ago, David Cole
PARENT ENGAGEMENT SURVEY Below is a link to our annual Parent Engagement Survey that we are asking all parents of students within Cassia County School District to fill out online. This survey is sent out and required by the Idaho State Department of Education each year to all districts in the state of Idaho. Survey results are intended to help us gain feedback and insights about each of our schools. When filling out the survey, please select the school that your child attends from the drop-down menu instead of selecting Cassia County School District itself. If you have students in multiple schools, we ask that you please complete the survey once for each of the schools your children attend. Completing the survey should only take about 10 minutes or less. We appreciate your willingness to participate! Parent Engagement Survey Link: https://eprovesurveys.advanc-ed.org/surveys/#/action/204888/p30837
7 months ago, Jennifer Woodbury
The Idaho Food Bank Mobile Pantry will be at Minico High School, 292 W 100 S, on February 25th from noon to 2:00pm. The Mobile Pantry Program distributes dry and frozen food to underserved, usually rural, communities. This program helps populations that do not have access to, or have difficulty accessing, food assistance.
8 months ago, David Cole
Clarifying Statement: The Board of Trustees is constantly looking at ways to improve the educational system in Cassia County and to maximize the educational experience of our students. As a result, rumors often surface about various aspects of education in our district. At this time, the Board of Trustees has not made a decision on the type of schedule to be used for secondary schools throughout the district. They are not prepared to make any decisions regarding the 7-period day or the A/B schedule and will put in the necessary time to do the proper research and seek input prior to making such a decision.
8 months ago, Jennifer Woodbury
We would like to welcome the following to Cassia School District in their new roles! More detailed information, on each hire, will be forthcoming! Thomas Coxson, Mountain View Elementary Jaren Wadsworth, Oakley Jr/Sr High School Brad Calvins, Cassia Regional Technical Center Branan Hardcastle, IT Director Ryan Payne, Student Services Director Deseria Leckenby, Payroll Clerk Welcome to Cassia!
over 1 year ago, Cassia School District