Burley Junior High Athletic Code

Athletics are a privilege that students must earn and continue to maintain while on the team(s). The purpose of this code is to help create and maintain a positive team attitude and to encourage pride in each athlete, their team, and their school. Students are expected to follow these rules during the entire season which lasts from the first practice until after the last game.

Alcohol, Tobacco, and Illegal Drugs
Don’t use them! Random drug testing is a part of our athletic program. We will follow our district policy in the event of a positive drug test. 

Missing Practice
Acceptable excuses for missing practice include sickness, excused absence from school, doctor appointment, and absences that are prearranged with the coach. The first and second unexcused absences from the practice or game will result in a suspension from the next game. The third unexcused absence will result in a dismissal from the team. The coach can add additional regulations if desired.

School Attendance
The athlete must be in attendance at all classes the day of the game or event to be considered eligible to compete that day. If the game is earlier in the day, they must attend all classes prior to the event or the departure time of the bus. In special situations the attendance rule may be waived through the approval of the principal or assistant principal.

Conduct at Games
Each athlete is to maintain appropriate behavior at all events. Athletes are not to do anything that could be embarrassing to themselves, the team, or the school as determined by the administration or coach. The first time an athlete breaks this rule, he/she will be dismissed from the team.

An athlete must have a 2.0 GPA and no F’s on the most recent 9 week grading period in order to be eligible to participate in a specific sport season. Students are not allowed to start a season on probation. Any athlete that allows his/her grade(s) to fall into the failing category during the season will be put on probation by the athletic board (Athletic Director, Principal/Assistant Principal, and the Coach of that sport). Parents will be notified of the probationary status by the Board. During the probation, the athlete’s work in the failed class(es) must be at least 70% or he/she will be placed on a suspension status which will include non-participation in the game(s). The athlete will be required to take a weekly grade report to his/her teacher(s) during this time. He/she will have to give it to the coach every Monday. Failure to complete the report will result in the athlete missing the next game/event. Once an athlete is on suspension status their work must be at least 70% weekly or dismissal from the team will result. A second probation during the same sport season will result in dismissal from the team. In special situations the academic rule may be waived through a petition of the Burley Jr. High Academic Council. Any appeal or complaint in regards to the Athletic Code or academics must be handled directly through the Athletic Board.

Attitude Disruptive to the Team
If any athlete’s attitude or actions become disruptive to the team, he/she will be suspended from the next game(s) as listed below. If the problem persists, they will be dismissed from the team.

School Suspensions
The first time an athlete receives a major offense during the sport season, they will be placed on probation and suspended will be suspended for the next scheduled event.

During this probation period the athlete will be allowed to practice, but not participate or wear a uniform during the games or events. If an athlete receives a second major offense, they will be dismissed from the team for the remainder of that sport season.

Riding the bus to and from games
Each athlete must ride the team bus to all games or they will not be eligible to play. Extenuating circumstances do exist and will be dealt with individually. Athletes can ride home with their parents/guardians only if they have made direct prior arrangements with the coach.