Mission Statement

District Mission Statement

Cassia County Schools, in a cooperative effort with family and community, will vigorously challenge and prepare students to reach their highest potential to become productive and responsible citizens.

Belief Statements

Education is the joint responsibility of the individual, home, school, and community and lays the foundation for a successful and productive life.

  1.  Every student can learn, achieve, and succeed.

  2.  Students must accept responsibility for their education.

  3.  Lifelong learning is essential in a changing society.

  4.  Students learn better in a positive learning environment.

  5.  Each student is unique and has self-worth.

  6.  Every student has a right to a safe and comfortable physical environment.

  7.  The resources of the district are focused on the mission.

Philosophy of John V. Evans Elementary

We believe all children are unique. As a staff, we provide for these differences in a framework of caring, acceptance, and understanding.  The children with whom we work should learn to accept each other and show appreciation for the strengths in others and an understanding of their weaknesses.

We believe that children need limits that are clear and well defined but comfortable to move within.  We believe that every child has the right to think and act creatively within these limits in developing and being their best self.

We believe that each child has the right to effective instruction (they must learn the basics) which reflects their ability, readiness and potential.

We believe that all school decisions made are in consideration of that which is best for children when meeting their needs and the needs of society for today and tomorrow.

A group of elementary students