Digital Media

Designer. Photographer. Filmmaker. Dreamer. No matter who you are, there’s something new for you in the ever-changing fascinating world of visual communications. Students learn the basics, beginning with Adobe Photoshop (image editing) and Illustrator (illustration) learning to combine art and design principles with today’s latest technology to create unique creations. As students advance they will continue to add to their knowledge of visual communications working with Photoshop and Illustrator. They will be introduced to photography to learn how to capture the perfect photo (cameras and drones). Filmmaking, using Adobe Premiere, will be introduced to learn the process of filming (cameras and drones), capturing footage, editing and adding finishing touches. Students will learn the limitless possibilities of 3D design and animation. Once they are in the Advanced class they will be learning high level of competence in Digital Photography, Digital Filmmaking, 3D Animation, 3D printing, Illustration, and Web Design. Typical projects would include, but not be limited to, photography, illustration, 2D animation, 3D animation (Maya), and production of a video. Students will be required to complete a final project in one of the area of emphasis (photography, digital film making, illustration, 3D animation, or 2D animation). Software used: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, Character Animator and Animate, and Maya 3D. College Credits are available.

Student in Digital Media Class

Courses in the Program

Digital Media I

No Prerequisite

Digital Media II

Prerequisite: Digital Media I

Digital Media III

Prerequisite: Digital Media II


  • Explore photography through state-of-the-art equipment and high quality instruction

  •  Magnify your creativity through mixed digital and print design projects

  • Develop core skills or take artistry to the next level


  • 12 Dual Credits through CSI

  • 6 Possible Adobe Certified Professional Certifications

  • Adobe Certified Professional in Visual Design

  • Adobe Certified Professional in Video Design

  • Idaho Digital Media Technical Skills Assessment

  • CTECS Workplace Readiness Skills Assessment


  • Skills USA

  • Business Professionals of America