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    Attendance matters! Start the new school year off right!

    Ten Weeks to Good Habits and Improved Attendance

    August 29 – November 4


    If EVERY school in the district is able to maintain 96% attendance from Aug 29 to Nov 4, ALL schools in the district will get an FULL DAY VACATION on November 213!!! We aren't saying send your kids to school sick, but we are saying that getting to school and being in class is important. Good habits take time to build, start now!


    Here are some resources for parents:



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 Welcome to the Cassia County School District. This is a GREAT school district! (We are biased, but it really is)
Here's some FUN FACTS about Cassia County School District:
  • We encompass most of Cassia county and parts of Twin Falls and Oneida counties and is located in South Central Idaho. 
  • We border both Nevada and Utah to our South and the Snake River on the North. 
  • We serve over 5300 students in 17 different accredited schools located in 6 different communities. (Burley, Declo, Raft River, Oakley, Almo, Albion. Take a GOOGLE Earth tour!)
  • We have a PROFESSIONAL TECHNICAL CENTER that serves area students.
School district personnel work diligently with parents and community members to provide students with a comprehensive education that is preparing them for success in post-secondary educational and career opportunities. BOOM!
Whether you are already in the district or thinking of coming, it's a great place to be, work, live, exist, etc! Check out our individual schools on this website and get a flavor for our district. Cassia Joint School District #151, we LOVE it! 
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