Dworshak Bucks- Positive Behavior System

We are excited to be starting a new program at Dworshak this year.


We understand students may feel like good positive behavior is unnoticed when a teacher has to focus on students making poor decisions. 


We would like to focus on students who make responsible, positive, safe, and respectful decisions and reward them for doing so.


Teachers and staff are now encouraged to pass out “Dworshak Bucks” for exceptional behavior. “Dworshak Bucks” may be spent on Fridays at the Dworshak store. Students will have a variety of different prizes. Prizes are geared for students that need an instant reward and for those who choose to save up for bigger prizes. 


The Dworshak PTO is generously providing the prizes for the school store. Staff members are also encouraged to donate prizes.


We love our students and want to encourage good citizenship.  This program, we believe, can accomplish that.


Ask your student what their goal is and encourage them to earn their “Bucks”.


Below is a list of the items in the store with their associated value: 
1 Buck: Dum Dum suckers, small candy bars
10 bucks: Easy read chapter books, crayons, small notebooks
15 Bucks: Slap bracelets, Play-doh, Green Dworshak cup
20 Bucks: Sm/Md frisbees, small bounce balls, medium level books, chips, corn nuts
25 Bucks: Grandmas cookies, Pop, Gatorade, light up rings, disappearing ink
30 Bucks: Chapter books, small soft basketballs, candy bars
35 Bucks: Smelly Pencils 
40 Bucks: Large & XL Frisbee's, DQ ice cream cone certificate
50 Bucks: Smelly pens & crayons, Silly Markers, Dworshak bags
75 Bucks: Dworshak T-shirts, Animal Chairs, Lunch with Mr. Payne
100 Bucks:  Sports balls