ACT Study Sessions

ACT/SAT Prep Classes

Held every Tuesday and Thursday morning from 7:15-8:00 am in Room 216

Students will receive a session schedule on the first day. Each session will have a point of focus for that day. All areas of Mathematics, Science, and English will be covered as well as test-taking tips and the do's and dont's of standardized tests. 


  • Session 1: Sept. 11 - October 25; ACT Oct. 27th
  • Session 2: Oct. 30 - Dec. 6th; ACT Dec. 8th
  • Session 3: Dec. 11 - Feb. 7; ACT Feb. 9th
  • Session 4: Feb. 12 - Apr. 11;  ACT April 13th and SAT April 10th
  • Session 5: April 16 - June 8;  ACT June 8

“Time to study no time to waste, I the great man must gain every second of the day.”
― Shay- Ann Harriott