Blue Cross of Idaho - MD LIVE

MDLIVE is available to the employees on the PPO plan with no copay; for those on the H.S.A. plan there is a $45 copay for each encounter, which applies to deductible.  Once deductible is met there is no copay for those on the H.S.A. plan. See the  attached flyer on this program. 

 Some highlights of the MDLIVE opportunity: 

  • 24/7/365 Coverage
  • Less than 10-minute wait time
  • 4,000 providers – all Idaho licensed
  • Can prescribe non-narcotic medications
  • Multi-lingual
  • Appointments may be scheduled for convenience
  • Video encounters (phone or computer) required by law in Idaho
  • All encounters recorded
  • Encounter notes provided to the member’s provider of record
  • Behavioral health available with psychiatrists - by appointment

o   Same therapist for each encounter

o   Prescriptions for controlled substances not available

o   Encounters do not need to be videotaped

If you have additional questions log in to or contact Blue Cross of Idaho.

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