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Safe School Alert System

If you see something, Say something!

The first line of defense for school safety is our students, parents, and community.  If you see or hear anything out of the ordinary, please report it to an administrator or use our handy and anonymous system.

Safe Schools alert system


Some other things to know!

In light of the tragic school shootings, we'd like to take a moment to review our efforts towards increased school security:
In the last 4 years, we have added/expanded:
District Threat Assessment Team
Security locks at school doors 
Safety audits 
Lockdown drills completed by all schools
Training for teachers at the training day before school
Emergency Operations Plan which includes active shooter and move secure defend
Numbers in all windows 
Monthly training for administrators at their monthly meeting that they pass on to employees
MERT teams (Medical Emergency Response Team)
Door Access Controls & Cameras:
RRHS, OES (Albion & Preschool in process)
Updated ID Badges for Staff
EPI Pens at all schools
AEDs at most schools
Added Safe School Alert so people can report threats online anonymously
District Wide 2 Way Radio network linking schools and law enforcement
Raptor Visitor Identification Program (CHS Pilot Program)
Annual Bullying Training for Staff
Suicide Training for Staff
Threat Assessment, Positive Behavior Intervention, and Prevention Conference training for staff and counselors.
**Important to note that our upcoming supplemental levy, March 13th, takes in two categories for extra dollars in the budget: curriculum and SAFETY.


Here's an article that gives more detail of what we are doing for safety:

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