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For the previous 2 years Burley High School has hosted an Esports program.  They have 3 coaches, Mitch Young, Terence Smith, and James O'Connor and about 20 kids that participate in all different types of video game competitions.  The kids have connected with other schools through the use of a national online website that sets these types of competitions up.  They played schools from Indiana, Illinois, Hawaii, just to name a few.  This year, they decided they really wanted to focus on forming a local league and play teams like Twin Falls, Jerome, and of course, Minico.
Well, it has gone way better than expected...there are currently 16 schools from across Idaho that have joined Burley's league and more asking to join every week.  Plans are in the works to have Burley host the first ever Esports District Tournament and then BSU, which is one of the top collegiate programs in the country for esports,has graciously offered to host the first ever Idaho High School Esports state tournament.
We want to share the good news and brag about how BHS students and staff are making history with the first ever high school esports state tournament.  We also want to let you know that there are currently 9 states that have officially sanctioned Esports by their state high school athletic associations.  Another 10 or so are looking to add it next year. 
It looks like Idaho could add it to their list of sanctioned events maybe in the next 3-4 years (if not sooner).  That means districts/schools might need to start providing coaching stipends, travel to events, etc.  With the first ever state tournament at the end of this month and the potential of adding it as a sanctioned sport in Idaho.
That's it in a nutshell! We are super excited about the future of this and how it can help students beyond high school!

KMVT news clip:

Students in Action:

BHS Esports video snippet!



James O'Connor

Mitch Young

Terence Smith


Angel Garcia

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Dean Prescott

Elias Victoria

Emmanuel Perez

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Ian Olson

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Jameson Dayley

Kaysen Stoker

Layne Brown

Levi Nelson

Luke Kunzler

Santiago Montoya

Zane Mu

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