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District Service Awards

Great employees are the secret for great success in our schools! We recently honored our good folks for their longtime service to kids and the community!

(Not all honorees were avaible for the picture)

10 Year Awards

Patricia Robbins               Melanie Terry

Henry Moore                    Karen Westover

Danielle Barborka             Marni Kunz

Charlene Christensen       Vance Okelson

Melanie Clark                   Nicole Owens

Dianne Davis                    Russel Mallory

Kelli Gage                         Lori Adams

Tiffany Giles                      Kayleen Oakes

Erica Kirst                         Melissa Farran

Travis Elliott

Camille Williams


20 Year Awards

Tom Schmitt

Patricia Critchfield

Matthew Larson

Cindy Shaw

Scott Street

Dorothy Gonzales

Christine Gunnell

Summer Jackson

Donna Jenks

Vicki Babbitt

Kim Mathis

Bonnie Casper


25 Year Awards

Alice Courtright
Susan Anderson
Robyn Rich
Raeanne Condie
Linda Christensen
Darla Wright

30 Year Awards

Victoria Hope
Lori Blauer
Patricia Zollinger
Peggy Knopp
Deborah Witt


40 Year Award

Patricia Williams