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Student State Officer

Cree Milliron was selected as a state officer for Business Professionals of America (BPA) at the spring conference held in Boise. Cree is a Sophomore at Burley High School this year.  

Speaking of his new position he expressed his appreciation for the opportunity. “I am beyond excited to be serving at the state level in BPA for the coming year. When I joined BPA my freshman year, I didn’t even know what it stood for.”

Through his service as the Burley chapter president, he felt inspired to take on a bigger leadership role, supported by BHS advisor, Janet Cole.

For the coming year, he will work with his team to promote Idaho BPA. They will plan and organize the State Leadership Conference in 2022 among many other things.

Milliron shares that, “BPA has helped me get out of my comfort zone and strengthen my leadership skills. It’s not about training students to sit in a cubicle or push buttons, BPA gives you the soft skills so many employers desperately need today.  It also helps increase your confidence for speaking in front of others.”

Serving as the State Secretary, Milliron will be able to help new and existing members understand the value of BPA.  He is excited to share his passion for competing in BPA and advancing needed personal and professional skills.