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New Schedule

The 2021-2022 school year will have adjusted start and end times for ALL schools in the district.

Because we are 4 days next school year, we are required to add 34 minutes to our daily schedules. The reason for this is we need to meet the state requirements for student instuction time. We had a waiver for the 2020-2021 school year, but we will have to change things for the coming year. 

Bus pickup/dropoff times will be adjusted too.  Stay tuned for more info on that!

                          Start Time:               Stop Time:

Burley HS            8am                          3:35pm

Burley JH             8:05am                     3:20pm

White Pine El        8:10am                     3:25pm 

John Evans           8:10am                     3:25pm

Mountain View      8:10am                     3:25pm 

Dworshak             8:10am                     3:25pm  

Declo HS              8am                          3:35pm  

Declo JH               8:05am                     3:20pm

Declo El                8:05am                     3:20pm

Raft River JH/HS    8:05am                     3:45pm

Raft River El          8:05am                     3:45pm 

Oakley El              8:10am                     3:35pm

Oakley JH/HS        8:10am                     3:45pm 

Albion El:              8:05am                     3:20pm

CRTC:                   8am                          3:35pm

Csssia High           8:10am                      3:50pm 


Burley will have 7 periods/classes a day.
Oakley and Raft River will have 5 periods/classes a day.
Declo will have 4 credit earning periods/classes a day. A 5th period, included in the day, is for intervention/class extension. 

If you'd like to hear directly from our high school principals about their individual schedules, please click this link to our podcasts