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New Info on School Lunch

School Lunch Program:
The following is a lot of info! Please contact district food service if you have questions at 208-878-6626
The state is submitting a plan for students who been approved as free or reduced eligible during SY20-21. They will receive an allocation of $6.82 for each day they did not receive onsite school meals during their school day, regardless of whether or not they received meals through an approved ‘grab and go’ meal service during remote learning days. Students will be eligible to receive $6.82 per day in reimbursement in the following scenarios:
·         Student receives remote learning during an instructional day, as defined by the brick-and-mortar school; the student will receive $6.82 for each day they receive remote instruction during the regularly scheduled school week.
·         Student attends school under a hybrid schedule (i.e., Cohort 1 receives remote instruction on Mon & Wed while Cohort 2 receives remote instruction on Tues & Thurs, all students learn remotely on Friday), the student will get $6.82 for the days they receive remote instruction during the regularly scheduled school week.
If a student attends classes in person, as they normally would in a regular school year (no remote learning or hybrid class schedule), the student would not be eligible to receive the P-EBT benefit of $6.82 per day.
If a sponsor hasn’t already been collecting free and reduced-price meal applications, they may start doing so now. In order to qualify for P-EBT, students need a current free or reduced eligibility status for SY20-21. If you see a benefit to your district, you are invited to inquire about the grant funded opportunity to use the Idaho School Meals Online Application for the remainder of this year as well as school year 2021-2022. Please make sure your community is aware that if Idaho’s P-EBT plan is approved by USDA, benefits will be retroactive to the start of the school year. P-EBT funding allows school year 20-21 eligibility determinations for free and reduced-price meal benefits based on submitted applications to be used for the entire school year. This is a unique situation.
USDA has not yet approved Idaho’s P-EBT plan. Sponsors will be notified if approval occurs.  The SA will be reaching out to you to collect the schedule for each school is the coming weeks.