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Featured Speaker:

Alejandro Zavala is a 24-year-old Burley resident who was born in Mexico City, Mexico. Alejandro moved to the United States with his family when he 5 years old to start a restaurant business.  This family owned business has become his livelihood, providing for his wife and two daughters.

Alejandro was living his dream until a few years ago when on vacation with his wife the chassis on his jeep malfunctioned and he nearly lost his life. Severe injuries confined him to a wheelchair, but he has defied the odds and learned to talk and move his arms again.

Staying positive, he now focuses on physical fitness and community service. Chasing the dream to walk again, he puts in gym time daily, working to become stronger and inspiring others along the way. His daughters fuel his desire to overcome obstacles. He now empowers others in his journey to give back to his community through sharing his experience.

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