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Why are students out early on Jan 18, MLK Day?

The 18th is Martin Luther King Day, also known as Human Rights Day.

While we are in session that day, we all know the power of education. We value the message given to us by Martin Luther King, Jr. and want to pass that message on through education.  Therefore, we are asking all of our teachers (regardless of grade-level or content) to spend some of their time during the day or during each class period to educate students on the importance of this day and what it means to be accepting of differences, tolerant of others, as well as, what it means to value diversity.  
When students leaves school at 12:30 that day, teachers, paras, staff and administrators will receive 3 hours of suicide prevention training. 
This has always been a priority for Cassia School District and because of that, we continue to train and support increased learning on this topic.
As a reminder! All Cassia students, K-12, have the opportunity to access free mental health counseling services through our CONNECT program. 
If you have forgotten about it, didn't know about it or want to access it, click this link to learn all about Connect.