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Governor Little's Modified Stage 2 Order for Athletics

Updates to Athletics

The update to the State Order is not a change from modified stage 2, but it does open things up for parents/guardians to attend home and away games.

Attached are two documents speaking to that. The Governor approved the athletic changes on Dec. 30. The main highlights are as follows:

  • 2 Spectators per participant at home and away games
  • Up to 6 cheerleaders allowed at games, they get 2 spectators too
  • Masks are required, when you can't socially distance. When you walk in, go to the bathroom, etc then you need a mask. Sitting down you don't need to wear one.
  • Freshman/JV teams don't need to leave the gym during Varsity play

There are consequences to teams if the rules aren't followed:

  • First warning is a letter explaining the violations
  • Second warning, the non-compliant school forfeits the game played
  • Third warning and final offense, the school forfeits the rest of the season for that sport.

If you have specific questions, please check in with your principal, athletic director or coach. The District will need to submit a letter of assurance to the State Board of Education prior to opening athletics to spectators.


Joint Statement about Athletic Revision

High School Athletics Plan in Stage 2

Cassia County Athletic Assurance