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Student Led Exit Poll

Students from schools all over the district had a real life civics experience during the election on Nov. 4. They particiapted as poll workers AND conducted an exit poll. The results will be used in government classes and discussed by students. 

This is the third time that district students have conducted this activity. 

An exit poll is a poll of voters taken immediately after they have exited the polling stations. Exit polls are used to collect demographic data about voters and to find out why they voted as they did. Since actual votes are cast anonymously, polling is the only way of collecting this information.

It's also an opportunity for students to form questions, analyze results, and draw conclusions about voter attitudes in our county. 

You can see the questionarie using the following link:

Exit Poll Questions



 Exit Poll 1

Exit Poll 2

Exit Poll 3

Exit Poll

Exit 5

Exit Poll 6

Exit Poll 7

Exit Poll 8

Exit Poll 9