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New District Health Category Placement

An updated designation has been released by South Central Public Health District. 
The following is a message from district Superintendent, Dr. Jim Shank.
After careful review of current contraction rates at each individual school in the school district, we have determined to remain in our current 4-day school week model as the mitigating factor for COVID response. No school in the district has an infection rate above 1%. Infections vary dependent upon location. Also, those who have tested positive are recovering and returning to school. If we examine contraction rate for the entire district as a whole, it is very low and even lower if we measure student infections only. Furthermore, the issue of a mask mandate has again been considered, but we remain in our current position of "highly encouraged." 
Faculty and staff are working to keep our schools safe and open and we recognize and greatly appreciate their efforts. Our students are in school and we owe a great deal to our people for that fact. I ask that we all remain diligent in the work of precautions. Distancing and voluntary masks are making a difference when we contact trace, as fewer close contact quarantines are the result.
Thank you for help in our overall efforts.