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COVID Risk Category Placement

If you are interested in tracking the category placement of our district and regional school districts, this is the link that you want handy.


Here's how it works:

South Central Public Health is responsible for determing our category placement. They use a number of factors to come up with the overall determination.

They look at:

  • Overall Positivity Rate
  • Average New Cases/10K
  • Hospital Capacity
  • Access to PPE
  • Other Epidemiological factors

Categories are reviewed and refreshed every 2 weeks.


Category placement then becomes a factor in the overall decision making for the Board for how education is delivered. The authority for educational issues rests with the elected trustees. With consultation from public health, the Board strives to make decisions that 1- protect students and staff and 2-allows for as much in-person instruction as is possible.


If you have questions on this, please email: