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COVID Procedures

Since the start of school 6 months ago, we have been working to keep our students and staff in school.

Because of this, we want to communicate how we are managing positive cases and related updates to procedures:

We have updated our exposure and contact tracing procedures to reflect the latest from Idaho's Coronavirus Task Force. You can find all the information here on the state site

Our priority and goal is to have and keep all of our students in school. We are navigating the unknown the best we can. Every situation has presented its own unique challenges and characteristics. 

In all of this, we add a caution. Our experience has been consistent with national trends thus far. Adults are the biggest contributor to student quarantines as they are the higher numbers of cases. We point this out to ask that as you make decisions there is a consideration of the ability to keep students in-school, in-person. We ask that you help us with our overall mitigation strategies. We are hopeful that the entire school community can support these efforts.

Updated Policies:

When there is a confirmed COVID case

Determining a close contact for tracing