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Meals for Students

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Dear Parents and Guardians,

Current economic conditions and the serious concern with the decreased numbers of students eating meals at school have led the Cassia School Board to access a coronavirus specific grant program through the USDA to feed all children in the county ages 1-18, and disabled students through age 21, at no cost.

As an extension of the food program during the soft closure and summertime, Cassia School district is excited for this opportunity to provide meals to all children, including online and homeschooled children for FREE. This grant is through December 31st or until funds run out.

For students at school, they will receive their meals at the same time and in the same manner, at no charge.

For students outside of the school facility, parents or guardians can pick up breakfast and lunch. Parents/guardians must call the pickup site (the school that they want to pick up the meals) for the first time prior to picking up. This ensures that the school will have plenty of food prepared and that there are no duplicate meals.  Also, parents/guardians will need to provide the grade or age so that the school kitchen can prepare the proper amount of food for the child.

Only parents or guardians are allowed to pick up meals for their children, unless the child goes to pick it up on their own. Meals will be cold so they will need to be reheated to ensure food safety.

Menus will follow the previous day, for example if Monday was a hamburger then the pickup meal on Tuesday will be a hamburger. 

Important note: student meals cannot be picked up for students already enrolled in school unless they are out sick or it’s a Friday. Kindergarten students may pick up meals before class or after class, as long as, they didn’t receive a meal during the school day. 

Reminder: All students attending school can receive free breakfast and lunch.

Pick-up times will be 9:30-10:30 Monday through Friday.  There will be a breakfast and a lunch in the sacks.

Open pick-up Sites:

Albion Elementary

Raft River Elementary

Oakley Elementary

Declo Elementary

All Burley schools except Cassia High School. CHS students can pick up their food at Burley High school or Burley Junior High.


Please call your school’s kitchen for more detailed information.


Angela Rodriquez

Cassia School District Nutrition Manager