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A BONUS: since you clicked here!

A message from our local hospital administrator:

Dear Mini-Cassia Leaders:


Intermountain Primary Children’s Hospital put together this 3-page guide about going back to school. I thought you might find some of these ideas helpful.


In many ways, this pandemic is about risks. This guidebook states: “There are ways to lower the chances of getting COVID-19; however, it’s up to you as the parent or caretaker to understand the risks and to decide if the benefits of in-person schooling are greater than the risks. Risk is the possibility that something will go wrong.”


Here are some questions we may ask ourselves. I’ve given you my personal answers in italics. The attached document has a risk assessment you can complete based on your situation.

  • What are the chances that one of our children/grandchildren will catch the virus at school?
    • I don’t know.
  • What are the chances if he/she does catch it, it will cause the child harm?
    • I understand it to be really low.
  • What are the chances the child will catch it and then pass it on someone in your family or community who would be significantly harmed by getting it?
    • I don’t know.
  • Is wearing a mask to reduce the risk worth it? Or is it too inconvenient?
    • For me, wearing a mask isn’t a big deal. So if I can reduce my chances of catching or spreading it and it isn’t a big deal to me to wear one, why wouldn’t I? My kids don’t seem bothered by them right now either so why not try it with them too?
  • Is staying home from school worth the avoided risk of not getting the virus?
    • No.



Benjamin S. Smalley, FACHE

Administrator | Intermountain Cassia Regional Hospital

Primary Children's Hospital COVID-19 Guide