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Mini Cassia Online Learning Academy



This online school is intended to provide a solid alternative to the in-person learning experience at school. It is not intended to be sub par or an "easier" way to go through school.

We all went through the totally fast and abrupt changes in the spring to an online learning delivery and we learned a bunch of things. What we are putting forward as an option is not what we experienced in March to the end of the year. 

This is a completely online experience, supported by Cassia teachers. Students are still Cassia students and receive all their lessons and material virtually. There is one strict rule for those that enroll: no switching from MCOLA to in-person. Online enrolled is online enrolled at least through the semester. 

Links at the bottom are to provide information. We had planned to upload the recording of the parent night, but we did not host the meeting and the recording has some problems. So, we don't have it. We have inlcuded the slide deck used that night though. (see below) 
We are working on an FAQ and homemade info video and will get them posted ASAP.

REGISTRATION IS CLOSED AT THIS TIME. The next opportunity will be at the semester. 



From the Info Night on July 30:

Cassia Parent Night Powerpoint slides

Accomodations and Modifications

Accessing reports sent by the teacher

6-12 curriculum and student interface

More info..

Informational Video

Secondary (6-12) Online Course Options

6-12 Course Catalog

K-5 Learning Catalog



Summer Jackson, 6-12

Jennifer Woodbury, K-5