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Cassia Reopening Plan

Please see the attached document which will guide school operations for the coming year. 

Cassia Back to School Plan

The reopening guidelines represent work and input from national and state frameworks, district staff, community members and public health. 
Board members walked through the elements of the plan prior to voting to approve them at their regularly scheduled meeting, Thursday, July 16th. 
Discussions called attention to:
Protocols for confirmed cases- Confirm, Contact, Trace, Inform. 
Decision making- Local public health determines categories and school trustees determine response.
Communication with staff and community- Plans, letters, videos, resources and tools will be available and shared in the coming weeks.
Wearing of masks- Recommended/encouraged but not mandated. Masks will be available at schools and students may bring them from home.
Physical Distancing- Every reasonable effort will be made to satisfy this goal.
Dr. Shank led the discussion by reiterating that the "priority has always been to be in school unless we are told that we can't be. Our first actions should not be about closing." Sharing survey results from nearly 3000 respondents, feedback showed that 90% of parents preferred a traditional five day start. Surveys of staff mirrored that preference and added additional considerations as the board worked through decisions. 
Cassia school district is unique, comprising five separate municipalities. Community spread and associated responses will be made according to each situation. A needed response in one area of the county will not precipitate an equal and identical response in another area of the county.
Assistant Superintendent, Sandra Miller, commented on the many variables and asked for "patience as we work toward the start of school. The guidelines will inform our decisions and we plan to let parents know every step along the way."
Vice Chair Heber Loughmiller advised against making any aspect of the guidelines too restrictive and forcing schools to act as constant enforcers for rules that couldn't be consistently enforced. Individual schools will make operational decisions about recess, passing times, serving lunch etc. 
Board chair, Ryan Cranney while speaking about the safety goals for staff and students noted that "in addition to measures the schools will take, there can be a level of self management and awareness."
Trustee Darin Moon stated the hope that schools could get started "as normally as possible. I don't want to downplay our situation and this shouldn't be a political discussion. Our students have many needs beyond the academic ones."
District officials will distribute information, including informational videos in the coming weeks. Information will be available and updated on school and district websites. Questions can be sent to or directed to Debbie Critchfield at