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State FFA

Congratulations to the following students for earning their State FFA degree!


Burley High School

Brett Williams

Emanuel Reyes

Nathaniel Randall

Sebastian Ruiz


Declo High School

Augustina Gularte

Aubrie Johnson

Bailee Burton

Braden Darrington

Connor Hurst

Gentri Garner

Jaeli Garrard

Koby Zaharias

Samantha Spurgeon


Oakley High School

Emree Larson

Melissa Hardy

Rhodee Bedke


Raft River High School

Bodee Spencer

Brodey Ottley

Hadley Severe

Jed Boden

Kagen Knudsen

Lee Stanger

McKelle Larson

Ryan Loughmiller

Trace Whitaker


The State FFA Degree is a very high honor for any FFA Member. All of these students  have worked extremely hard over the last three to four years to receive this degree. It is the highest degree an FFA member can receive at the state level. The list of requirements these students have to meet in order to receive this degree are:


  1. A Student must have received the Chapter FFA Degree and have been an active member for at least two years (24 months).


  1. While in high school, a student must have completed at least the second year of instruction in a vocational education course for an agricultural occupation.


  1. A student must have earned and productively invested at least $1,000 net income by their own efforts from their supervised agricultural experience program or have worked (other than class scheduled time) at least 300 hours in a supervised agricultural experience, or combination thereof.


  1. A student must demonstrate leadership ability by:
  2. Performing ten parliamentary procedure activities.
  3. Presenting a five‐minute speech.
  4. Serving as an officer and/or committee chairman, or a participating member of a major committee.


  1. A student must have demonstrated competency in an agricultural occupation and have a satisfactory scholastic record as certified by the agricultural science and technology instructor and principal or superintendent.


  1. A student must have participated in the planning and completion of chapter Program of Activities.


  1. A student must participate in five FFA activities above the chapter level. 


  1. A student must have participated in at least 25 hours within at least two different community service activities. These hours are in addition to and cannot be duplicated as paid or unpaid SAE hours.


  1. Other requirements established by the State Association are:
  2. A student must earn a score of 60 percent or greater on a state FFA knowledge test.
  3. A student must earn a score of 60 percent or greater on a state parliamentary procedure test.