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Odds & Ends

Odds & Ends:

  1. SAT day, for Juniors, has been changed by the state. It’s now Apr 28.
  2. Kindergarten registration is now Apr 28.
  3. Many state sponsored events have been cancelled and/or postponed. Please check with the coach/advisor.
  4. Internet: We remind you that at the least, you can come to the parking lot of the schools and tap into the district internet. We are working for more solutions here. It’s not ideal and we are trying to find solutions.
  5. The state is extending the ISAT testing window. We aren’t losing sleep necessarily over this right now, but it’s an important thing to note.
  6. Please remember our Connect program, free to all students K-12. These are sudden changes and produce all kinds of emotions. Be on top of your student’s feeling. And take time to self care! If you don’t remember Connect, our behavioral health program, go remind yourself on our website.)
  7. We don’t know what will happen after Spring Break, things are very fluid right now. You can know that we will keep you in the loop as decisions are made.
  8. GRAB N’GO Breakfast & Lunch. We sent out the schedule, if you can’t find it or didn’t get it, it’s online. Free to students K-12.
  9. We have lots o’info on our website!
  10. We would be at fault if we did not thank so many people for what has been pulled off so quickly. Please thank someone, anyone, all of them, in education in Cassia. You shouldn’t miss thanking someone that helped the get the work done! From the central office to your specific school, people were pulling together for the good of kids and the community.
  11. Lastly, this is upsetting for students, but particularly for our seniors. We’ve heard from many of them and even the senior with the biggest case of senioritis is feeling the cancellation and postponement of the end of their public school experience. A big cheer to our seniors who are compelled to grow up even faster!
  12. So many educational resources for students and parents and we will share in the coming days.